A two-minute video from the Missouri Department of Transportation offers motorists tips for staying safe when forced to drive in winter weather conditions.

Althougth the department recommends avoiding driving when roads are snow and ice covered, sometimes circumstances make it necessary.  When that happens MoDOT reminds people to:

  • Take it slow. Use common sense, and adjust your speed and following distance to suit driving conditions.
  • Give snowplows plenty of room. Around five car lengths. And never try to pass them.
  • Always wear your seat belt regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Watch for other vehicles having problems with road conditions.
  • If you must go out, carry a fully charged cell phone, water, snacks, a working flashlight and a set of dry clothing.

Finally, if you get stuck, stay with the vehicle and call 911. Turn on your flashers and settle in for a wait.

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