What do you look for when it comes to Missouri barns? Does size matter? What about water activities? The reason I ask is I found all of these factors in one Missouri barn located near Rolla.

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Mike and Kate host this tiny paradise on the quarry near Rolla, Missouri. It's a tiny barn that just so happens to also include a floating dock that has a waterslide and diving board on it. According to the info on Airbnb, it was also featured on HGTV back in 2017. As a matter of fact, this home has been featured in a number of publications as they mention on Airbnb:

Come & enjoy Tiny Paradise on the Quarry, as seen on HGTV 7/24/17. You will make some wonderful memories. House Beautiful Magazine Oct 2017 issue listed it as one of the TOP 50 Tiny Houses in the USA. Was featured in the April PEOPLE HGTV special edition magazine and listed as one of the top 9 gems in MO in the May MO Life magazine. Also featured as one of four FALL GET-A-WAYS in 417 Magazine September 2018 issue. St. Louis Magazine listed it as the coolest Airbnb Aug/Sept 2019 issue

That's a lot of famous mentions. See the pics to understand why HGTV found this place worthy of being on one of their shows.

This Tiny Rolla, Missouri Barn Has a Sweet Waterslide into a Lake

What's required to stay in a tiny barn home that's been on HGTV? As of this writing, the nightly cost is $179. Considering all of the unique things about this tiny barn, I'm not surprised at all that it's received so much national attention.

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