I can say that I've known several alumni that graduated from this Missouri place of higher learning and they were all super-smart and went on to be very successful in their careers. I will admit I was a little surprised when I saw this Missouri university named the most affordable college that does not suck in America.

This is a prestigious honor that was recently handed out less than a month ago by Work and Money. They named 10 schools that are what they consider affordable that still offer very competitive degrees and have high success rates. The first one they awarded is in Missouri. Here's exactly what they declared:

"At the top of the list of the most affordable U.S. colleges is the Missouri University of Science and Technology at $23,032 annually"

They shared testimonies from students including one who has already had job reviews and he's only a sophomore. It would seem that the private sector is anxiously awaiting those who turn their tassels with a graduate degree from Missouri S&T.

One of my best friends attended this prestigious school in Rolla and was studying to be an engineer. As for me, I have a hard time even spelling some of the graduate programs they offer.

My perception is that the Missouri University of Science and Technology was expensive. I guess it's all a matter of perspective as many consider their tuition among the most affordable in America and still provides the tools to be competitive in the professional life that follows.

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