I did not know that Missouri had a snake that really is a comedian. It's the eastern hog-nosed snake that is truly harmless, but will pretend to be vicious before eventually pretending that it's dead.

I didn't just start doing snake research out of nowhere. This was inspired by a Missouri Department of Conservation video share on Facebook today.

The snake in the Missouri Department of Conservation video is a young one. Imagine running into a larger mature blue-eyed snake like this that had a flat head and was throwing a hissy fit. Nope. I'll pass.

I have rarely run into any snakes during my Missouri adventure time. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation website, the eastern hog-nosed snake is likely to be found in wooded areas and river bottoms which we have a more-than-ample amount of. If you have an area with toads, you likely have one of these snakes nearby as that's their main food source.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation website does mention that these snakes do have a couple of fangs on the upper jaw, so that's an even bigger nope from me.

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