Some calves are hogs. Seriously. I can prove it with video showing a Missouri calf who hogs the cow sprinkler all to herself. Her name is Loona and Loona doesn't share. At all.

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This fun livestock moment happened in Ludlow, Missouri. It's necessary to share the backstory from the owner in her own words to fully understand the situation with this calf:

Loona is a Highpark calf getting weaned and halter trained before she goes to her new home. It’s very hot this time of year in Missouri, so we set up sprinklers to help keep the calves cool. Loona, however, does not share! She stands directly in front of the sprinkler and even sometimes just sticks her face in it while the other calves patiently wait their turn. Loona leaves completely saturated to the point that her pink halter has left a pink stain around her muzzle from the water saturating the halter and staining her white coat pink!

If you were thinking Loona was gonna share the sprinkler with you, you were wrong.

If you're asking "what's a Highpark calf?", you're not alone. The Highpark Cattle website talks about how this miniature cows have been bred specially for their size and their shaggy coats. My grandma had a lot of cows when I was growing up, but I never saw any that looked like Loona. She's one of a kind (and she doesn't share sprinklers).

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