If your Facebook News Feed is like mine, I can't seem to scroll for very long without seeing a video of someone's reaction when they get the gift of a 'fur-baby'. It doesn't seem to matter if the recipient is male or female, young or old, the reaction is always positive and always emotional, in the best of ways.

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If you make the decision to get a puppy, kitten or other pet for your child/parent/grandparent, the Northeast Missouri Humane Society has a whole shelter full of candidates to choose from.

If I may climb on my soapbox for a moment ... if you're getting a new pet for Christmas, especially for a young child, you should make sure that youngster is up to the responsibility of caring for a new member to the family. Because that's what it will be, and if you're not ready to consider that dog or cat, whether a puppy or kitten, or an older shelter animal a full fledged family member, then maybe you should reconsider.

The Northeast Missouri Humane Society is located at their new facility at 7135 Veterans' Road in Hannibal. They are in their winter operating hours: 12-6 Monday-Thursday, 12-5 Friday and closed Saturday and Sunday. However, if you want to adopt and can only do it on Saturday, you can do so by appointment.

They would love to hear from you. You can check out their website here.

Here are some examples of some of the animals that are waiting to go home, maybe to yours.

This Christmas, Give the Gift of a 'Fur-ever' Home to One of These Adoptables

This Christmas, how about giving one of these four-legged kids from the Northeast Missouri Humane Society a fur-ever home.

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