Technology may have pushed some of these outdoor cinemas to the brink, but the passion of movie fans has proven greater in some parts of Missouri as I've learned of two more drive-in theaters that have stood the test of time.

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Over the weekend, I shared 2 Missouri drive-in movie theaters that have in some cases closed and then been resurrected to resume showing movies. On our Facebook page, you mentioned 2 others that also remain alive.

B & B Moberly 5 and Drive-In - Moberly, Missouri

Drive-In shares the history of this unique screen combination in Moberly, Missouri. As the indicated, the drive-in in Moberly first opened in 1950 and closed in 1986. 12 years later, B & B bought the theater and created a 5-screen indoor theater while also bringing back the drive-in. I was unable to verify which movies are currently being shown on the drive-in, but you can follow them on Facebook for specifics and updates.

Barco Drive-In - Lamar, Missouri

The Barco Drive-in in Lamar, Missouri is one of the few drive-ins that opened (in this case 1950) and never closed. Drive-In says this unique operation shows movies on the outdoor screen from April to October every year. Based on their official website, it appears that not only are they still showing movies, but have new flicks like Top Gun: Maverick. Make sure to check their official website for the latest.

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