If you're up for a treasure hunt, I've found information about one that has never been found in Missouri. It's a cache of gold coins that is supposedly buried near Armstrong, Missouri along Highway 3.

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I have found numerous sites that claim to have knowledge of the Kaffer Treasure gold. Only In Your State included it in their list of 11 Missouri Treasures That Are Hiding a few years ago. Missouri Outdoor Treasure Hunts gave even more backstory to the Kaffer Treasure. According to their sources, it's somewhere along Highway 3 south of Armstrong, Missouri:

A cache of gold coins known as the Kaffer Treasure is said to be buried five miles south of Armstrong, Missouri, on Route 3

The Morgan County Democrat dated July 31, 1903

Show Me The History also mentions the Kaffer Treasure and it's burial a few miles south of Armstrong. By the way, that's a rather desolate stretch of rural Missouri highway. I did find this strange looking fallen tree on Google Maps. Wonder if anyone's looked under it?

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Civil War Talk says the Kaffer Treasure could be part of the lost Civil War gold that is said to be buried somewhere in the Midwest.

As of now, no one has come forward claiming to have found this bag of gold. It is entirely possible you've driven by it going down Highway 3 in Missouri at some point. It's a lost fortune that as of today is still waiting to be revealed.

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