Quincy Community Theatre opens the Box Office December 3 for its edgy upcoming production 'Theatre Café.' Not for the easily offended, 'Theatre Café' is a series of short plays, skits, and fun for you and your friends.

During this adult evening of entertainment, QCT will present a series of ten short, nationally published and locally-written, off-the-wall scenes that will push the envelope on hilarity. Audiences are encouraged to drop off the kids, then bring a beverage, something to snack on, and be prepared to laugh their…well, to laugh really hard!

Tickets to 'Theatre Café' are $15, on sale December 3. 'Theatre Café' runs January 10-11, 2014. Shows are at 7:30 PM with possible 9:30 PM performances.To purchase tickets, visit the QCT Box Office or call 217.222.3209 to make a reservation.