I love when fun things happen organically that I can share with you. A few weeks ago, what appeared to be a spontaneous prank of an influencer in Missouri putting a sign of himself in his local Kum & Go location wasn't what we all thought it was.

In case you missed it, our original story about how Kyle Scheele (a regional TikTok star) pranked Kum & Go into leaving his self-made sign up went wildly viral. This week, I saw a post on the Missouri sub-Reddit about backlash about Kyle's prank really being a known marketing gimmick. Here's Kyle's initial "prank" on TikTok. Over 28 million people have seen this now.

Sadly, according to PR Week, Kum & Go knew about it the whole time. That has led to many saying this should have been revealed beforehand. Kyle just shared an update to talk about his version of what happened. To summarize, Kum & Go had been talking to him about a campaign but didn't know he was specifically going to do the sign thing.

I'll add my 2 cents. Completely not cool to not disclose you're working with a business even if they didn't know specifics. Deceiving your audience is never a good thing in my opinions. However, I will add that the uproar is a little ridiculous. There are more important issues in the world to get upset about.

Check out the full PR Week story if you care to know more.

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