The NFL Draft is upon us, and that means we are all in danger, here is what I mean by that.

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The first round of the NFL Draft is tonight, it will get massive ratings and deservedly so. It is such an exciting night, to watch the lives of these young men, who have worked so hard for their dream, change in an instant These 21 and 22 year old kids give us NFL fans something that is more dangerous than anything else in sports...hope.

The first round of the draft is the most dangerous night of the year for sports fans because it is a night where our hopes can get the best of us. For example: five quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round tonight, and all the fans of the teams that draft a quarterback will feel as though they got the next Patrick Mahomes, or Tom Brady, they hope their team made the right choice. I remember feeling that way when the Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky, I had so much hope for my team, and we know how that turned out...

And though its dangerous to have hope as a sports fan, it is also the best time of the year to have hope, we are still months away from watching meaningful football games on our TVs, so why not hope that the Linebacker your team chose 14th overall will become the next Dick Butkus, and why not hope that the Left Tackle your team traded up for will be the key piece to your offense being unstoppable next year! This is the season of hope for NFL fans, so embrace it while you can, because hope is all fun and games until the first snap of the season.

Oh.... and yes I really hope the Bears trade up for Trey Lance.

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