A small Missouri town has some very unique bragging rights. They are now known as the official "center of America" according to the US Census.

I first spotted this interesting news share on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. It featured a story by The Hill that said the US Census had declared Hartville, Missouri as the population center of the United States. It featured a very interesting map show the mean population center of America which has traveled west as the country expanded beginning on the east coast when America was founded and now in the middle of Missouri.

US Census.gov
US Census.gov

Hartville, Missouri is a very unassuming town which Wikipedia shows only has 613 hundred residents. They don't have an official website, but they do have over 1,100 likes on Facebook.

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It's not like Hartville, Missouri doesn't have its own history. It's had a working post office since 1842. It's also had its share of tragedy as Wikipedia mentions a monster tornado that destroyed almost all of Hartville's businesses back in 1959.

I think there's some sweet irony at work in Hartville now officially being the population center of America. It's the town with very little population these days now in the middle of it all.

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