It's a disease that can cause big loss in corn yields called tar spot and it's been found in samples taken now in 3 corn samples in 2 Missouri counties.

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I saw this report from Morning Ag Clips regarding a University of Missouri extension study that took corn samples from numerous Missouri counties. The study said that "University of Missouri’s Plant Diagnostic Clinic confirmed tar spot in three corn samples collected in the Missouri counties of Lewis and Holt on Aug. 30".

What exactly is tar spot and should I be worried?

The University of Purdue shared a paper on tar spot as an emerging crop disease and said that it can cost farmers up to 60 bushels per acre depending on the severity of the spread.

What can be done about it?

The University of Purdue study went on to say that "the two common practices for reducing disease inoculum include crop rotation and tillage."

This is not a new problem. The Morning Ag Clips report said that back in 2019 there were 9 Missouri counties that reported tar spot in corn. This new outbreak in northwest Missouri counties is just another challenge for farmers in what's already been a difficult season of growing.

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