NFL fans are an intense bunch, but some people will go to pretty dangerous lengths for their team to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

We Are Fanatics recently surveyed 1,600 fans to ask them what they would do if it meant their team would win the Super Bowl. While fans of the Patriots are so accustomed to winning football's biggest prize they probably would be hesitant to skip their mid-afternoon snacks, there are supporters of other franchises who would do anything just shy of cutting out their kidney to be a champion.

Here's a look at which fanbases led the way in each category, along with the percentage who would agree to the crazy stunt if it meant winning a Super Bowl.

  • Will Eat a Bowl of Cockroaches For a Ring - Panthers - 41%
  • Gain 100 Pounds - Vikings - 53%
  • Give Up a Paycheck - Jaguars - 66%
  • Get a Root Canal - Vikings - 81%
  • Sit on a Hornet's Nest - Jaguars - 54%
  • Stop Bathing for a Year - Vikings - 31%

As you can see, Vikings fans are so desperate to win the Super Bowl they're a-okay with turning into into smelly obese bodies who treat their teeth like Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man, with Jaguars fans not far behind.

How fans of the Browns didn't top any option is a mystery. They're a tortured group that you'd think would do anything just to be called champions. Oh well, guess they're still basking in the glow of last season's Cavaliers' title run.

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