I am in a state of disbelief about a completely different kind of state. It's the one that a new report says is the one people are moving to the most and it's a Missouri neighbor that truly shocked me and maybe it will you, too.

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Before I reveal what state this report says people are moving to the most, take a few guesses. Do you think it's Florida? Nope. Not even close. What about Texas? That's a state that's very much a fashionable destination, but that's not the #1 migration state either.

This is a brand new share from 24/7 Wall St entitled "This is the State People are Moving To". They say it's a Missouri neighbor...(*drum roll*)

Answer - Oklahoma

Did you have to pick your jaw up off the floor like I did? This is based on data from Hire A Helper. Their methodology says their report "combines data from over 75,000 moves booked via HireAHelper.com, insights from our yearly customer survey, and all the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, revealing how, where and why Americans were moving in 2023.". They swear a staggering 40% of movers were heading toward the plains of Oklahoma. 

Don't take this personal if you live in and/or love Oklahoma. I have many Missouri friends who moved there after they graduated from school and they seem happy as a clam (if the clam is happy). I just find it hard to believe that so much of the general population isn't choosing Texas or Florida which is what some of the other moving data companies are saying.

Maybe the license plates were right all along. Maybe Oklahoma is OK. 

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