The original radio auction Bids for Bargains is set to start on Tuesday, March 5th. Get ready to save on some amazing local businesses in the Tri-States.

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The spring radio auction Bids for Bargains start Tuesday, March 5th at 8:05 am on News/Talk 1070 KHMO and Classic Country 1530 KCIK AM, and it is a chance for you to save on services, restaurants, and other items from local businesses.

You can listen live on-air, online, and through the KICK AM App and the KHMO App and shop from your couch. Save 30, 40, or even 50% off from some of the best restaurants, entertainment places, and other businesses in the area. You can save on:

  • Hair Cuts
  • Different Beverages from Refreshment Services Pepsi
  • Armadillion Audio Items
  • Restaurants in Quincy and Hannibal
  • Jewelry
  • YMCA of Hannibal Certificates
  • Spray-In Bed Liner from Line-X of Quincy
  • Adams County Speedway

Keep the kids busy with Scotties Fun Spot or a visit to the Mark Twain Cave, but don't wait for these certificates will go fast and there is not a lot remaining. Just go to and shop til you drop. If you have any questions or need help just call 217-223-5292 and we will be more than happy to help you through the process.

Happy Shopping!

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