I was reading yesterday's Quincy Herald Whig and a story written by Holbrook Mohr about women who are risking their lives by using a black market procedure to enhance their posteriors.

For whatever reason some women feel that they need to increase the size of their behind and are getting silicone injections from people with absolutely no medical training.  This "black market' procedure has led to deaths in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and New York all in the name of "filling out their butts".  They wanted to "fill out a bikini" or "a pair of blue jeans". Whatever the reason it is killing some of them.  It has been propagated immensely by online forums demonstrating the procedures used.

Most people simply think that it is just another shot in the butt but we are finding out it is much more than that.  So before you examine your own posterior and decide it needs to be bigger you might think twice  before going through this "black market" procedure.  It apparently is not what it is "cracked" up to be. (pardon the pun).