For a businessperson in the 21st century, being successful is about more than just a good location, a desirable product and a nice window display.

These days, an essential element to a successful business is tapping into all the social networking avenues that are out there.

There are many social networking options to choose from.


Google Plus made it debut about three years ago, and is touted as the fastest growing social network the web has ever scene. However, it still will have to go some to pass Facebook, which is still the number one social network. The down side of Facebook these days is that it's losing the interest of younger people.

Many young networkers turn to the "microblogging" sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. The differences in this group is that Twitter is more about text, while the other two are more about the posting of pictures.

For businesspeople, these and other choices are additional tools to making their business successful.

Sally Poole of Poole Communications was a guest on KHMO's Talk Back:

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