As strange tales go, this is among the strangest I've ever heard. A newspaper story shared on Reddit tells about a Chicago man who was allegedly hit by a car then awoke in Tennessee and it just gets weirder from there.

I've done much research to try and verify this story, but news from the early 1900's is hard to find in an archive these days. It was shared on the Illinois sub-Reddit page recently. Read it for yourself.

I've looked up the Nebraska State Journal where the story apparently originated from. According to the Library of Congress, it began publication in 1892 and continued until 1942. At least the date range makes the 1919 story possible.

Let's make the leap of faith and accept that this story really was published in 1919 about a Chicago man who was hit by a car and didn't resume consciousness until he was in Tennessee wearing someone else's clothes. I would question why he would be transferred from Chicago to Tennessee when you'd have to assume better medical care would be available there in Chicago where the accident allegedly happened. Covington, Tennessee is very close to Memphis.

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Theories on Reddit seem to believe that the man was fleeing his wife and/or family and had a change of heart a few months later and returned to Chicago. As much as I hate to believe the worst in people, that seems more logical than being hit by a car in a major metro area and then being in a daze for a few months wearing other people's clothes.

In the early 1900's, not much was known about concussions and other brain injuries, so sure it's possible this man really did suffer a major trauma and lose his whereabouts for that period of time.

Make sure to follow the share on Reddit for new theories as they seem to be added to just about every day.

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