I have to admit I was surprised by the number. It's the Missouri school districts that have already adopted a 4-day school week. It begs the question is this something all school districts should do or a bad decision?

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The Houston Herald is where I saw this data on Missouri school districts shared. They say "new figures show 141 school districts in Missouri are locked into a four-day week this school year." According to Ballotpedia, there are a total of 567 school districts in Missouri meaning that roughly a quarter are beginning this new approach.

What are the pros of a 4-day school week?

The Advocate lists several reasons why school districts limit their week to 4 days which include the belief that it will improve student attendance and attract more teachers. Ultimately, the reason this seems to be something more districts are attempting boils down to money. The bottom line (literally) is that it saves school districts money - plain and simple. As they note, that's not always the case though.

What are the cons of a 4-day school week?

It is believed that students that tend to struggle during a conventional school week would be harmed by less time with teachers. The Advocate also lists a possible increase in juvenile crime as more likely with less school days in the week.

Lamar University shared a study into a 4-day school week and noted that children with food insecurities would be put at risk if they depend on school lunches for nutrition. They also mentioned that going to school only 4 days, but longer days can create physical problems for some children.

It's an interesting approach to the ongoing challenges school districts are dealing with. Are 4-day school weeks beneficial and should they be adopted by more districts? Only time will tell if the results are beneficial or not.

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