Tis the season… for utility-related scams, according to Kari Goodman of the Hannibal Board of Public Works. 

Goodman says the onset of the home heating season brings nationwide reports of people impersonating utility workers. She advises customers to be wary of calls, e-mails, or door-to-door visitors who threaten disconnection of utility service unless payment is made immediately. The impersonators try to intimidate you into giving out credit card numbers, social security numbers, or purchasing a reloadable card for payment. Fraudulent callers may even tell you to call a phone number and give your debit or credit card information.

Customers who wish to verify that a contact is legitimate should call the business office of their utility provider. The Hannibal BPW number is 573-221-8050.

Goodman notes Hannibal BPW employees are required to carry their IDs, and they are NOT allowed to take payments in the field.