has decided to rank the "rudest drivers" in America. They've taken into account all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Between Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, our area drivers are all over the map on this list. One state ranks as pretty rude, one is right dead center in the middle, and the other is not quite as rude.


Iowa drivers are the rudest drivers in the Tri-States, ranking as 15th-rudest on the list. Illinois is middle of the road, coming in at 25th, and Missouri drivers score pretty well, ranking near the bottom at 39th.

A funny detail also included in the survey is each state's "most hated by drivers from" state. For example, Iowa drivers are most hated by Illinois drivers, Illinois drivers are most hated by Wisconsin drivers, and Missouri drivers are most hated by Kansas drivers (and vice-versa). Illinois also hates Wisconsin drivers AND Indiana drivers. surveyed 2,000 drivers nationwide to come up with their data, and looked at a number of factors like "weaving in and out of traffic, laying on the horn and saluting with an upright digit."