Heavy, wet snow fell across the area early this morning.

Paula Gough with the Missouri Department of Transportation said there was a lot of snow all at once after 6 a.m. She said the biggest problem during this round of weather was the constant wind.

"It's a real concern," she said early this morning, adding there are places they plowed and then the snow immediately "drifted right back up." MODOT issued a "no travel" advisory.

Kurt Parsons
Kurt Parsons

Mike Kindhart with the Illinois State Police said this morning interstate and state highways in Western Illinois were snow covered and visibility in some places was down to a tenth of a mile. He said north-south roads had drifted shut.

Hannibal City Manager Jeff LaGarce said snowplows started on the City's streets a little after 4 a.m. He encouraged people to stay inside and be safe. Last week, he said, there were "bottle necks" in traffic due to people becoming stuck on snow-covered roads.

"Stay inside and let this pass," he added.

Quincy Mayor John Spring declared a snow emergency in the City Monday night, meaning vehicles on the designated roads needed to be moved. And at least 710 Adams County residents were without power as of 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, but nearly all was restored by 11 a.m.

The winter storm warning is in effect until 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Kindhart stressed the following weather travel tips:

  • Watch out for black ice – roads that appear clear but actually are ice covered;
  • Dress warm and take a cell phone in case of emergency;
  • Slow down and increase your following distance, be cautious when approaching intersections, off ramps, and bridges;
  • Always keep your gas tank two-thirds full to prevent the vehicle’s fuel line from freezing;
  • Plan ahead, allow extra time to your destination, make sure others are aware of your travel route;
  • Look ahead for and anticipate possible hazards;
  • Understand the posted speed limit is too fast for driving conditions;
  • Wear a seat belt;
  • Always carry an emergency car care kit that contains jumper cables, flares or reflectors, windshield washer fluids, small ice scraper, traction material, blankets, non perishable food and a first aid kit.


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