You can safely assume that if you're shopping in Illinois, you're being watched. Most would assume that would be done only by overhead security cameras, but that assumption is now wrong as retail workers will soon be equipped with body cameras if they're not already.

I saw this report just shared by CNN that says workers at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods and other retail stores are already being equipped with body cams to help protect against shop lifting.

For the record, Scrape Hero says there are 50 TJ Maxx stores in Illinois alone so you know these body cameras are likely already in use at some or many of their Illinois stores.

They said that the National Retail Federation surveyed members and over 35% of stores are actively researching whether it will be effective for them and their employees.

Are body cameras an effective way to stop shoplifting in Illinois?

The question that was asked on Quora about this topic wondered who's being spied on. Is this a means to stop employees from stealing or another lens to try and catch thieving customers (or maybe both)? There is no definitive answer since this new technique is so new, but you can be sure that retailers will be exploring new ways to use technology to stop theft. Shoplifting is endangering the survival of brick and mortar stores, so something has to be done to turn the tide. Otherwise, the number of places where you can actually walk into a store to try on clothes will continue to dwindle.

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