Two Quincyans face forgery charges after Quincy Police say they tried to pass fake 100 dollar bills at two businesses.

Officers were called to the Salvation Army at 425 Broadway shortly before 7:00 pm Saturday where two people tried to make a purchase with a fake bill. Police were then called to McDonalds at 13th and Broadway a half hour later where two people were trying to buy food with a fake hundred dollar bill. Police took 26-year-old Patsy Bassett and 32-year-old Katrina Clay-Bigley into custody. Police say Bassett was found to be the individual who tried to make the purchase at the Salvation Army. Police say the hundred dollar bills were very realistic and were stamped ‘for motion picture use only’ on the front and back. Bassett and Clay-Bigley were taken to the Adams County Jail.