During the pro football season, we asked listeners to participate in the $10,000 Pro Football Pick ‘em Challenge. At the end of the season, Janet Nichols ended up being the contestant in the Quincy/Hannibal area that had the best overall record. Janet now has a chance to win $1000, or even $10,000!

Janet is a retired teacher who taught for 32 years at Adams County Community Unit #2 in Liberty. She says that her favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. "I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan for many years," said Nichols. "I became a Cowboys fan when Roger Staubach was their quarterback. My brother was a classmate with Roger Staubach at the United States Naval Academy. My interest in the Cowboys continues as Tony Romo, the current Cowboys’ quarterback, and I share the same alma mater,EasternIllinoisUniversity."

Janet's season-long record was 179-77. She accurately predicted nearly 70% of the games during the regular season! We asked Janet if she had any sort of system for picking games: "Most of my contest picks are just luck. I watch football games every week and listen to sports programs to learn who will be in or out due to injuries or suspensions. I base my picks on previous game performances, both good and bad."

Janet will now be competing for the $10,000 grand prize. She will make picks for both the halftime score, and the final score of the Big Game on February 1. If she gets either score correct, she’ll win $1,000, and if she gets both right, Janet Nichols will walk away with $10,000!

Best of luck to you, Janet, and thanks to everyone that participated in this year’s Pro Football Pick ‘em!