You're gonna think I'm making this up, but I'll prove I'm not. Police have warned drivers in Missouri to be on the lookout for 'lusty deer'. Ahem.

I have to give KSN credit for this find.

That led me to a fascinating rabbit trail about the reproductive seasonality in deer. I seriously looked that up. They confirm what many of us already knew and that's the fact that the "rut" for deer is October through December. October is normally when the more dominant males are looking for love while the weaker stragglers will wait until December. Good to know.

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Whatever you do, DO NOT do a Google search for "are deer lustful?". Among the results include art from a person drawing "lusty deer". My eyes may not recover for months.

What the police are getting at is you really need to be aware of deer near roadways when you're driving this time of year and especially at night and early mornings. I'm not sure 'lusty' was the word they should have chosen, but it sure has gotten a lot of attention today for sure.

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