Although three council members were absent Tuesday evening, a quorum was present to conduct city business.

City Manager Jeff LaGarce received approval to revise the requirements of the Police Chief position. The changes include the Police Chief in the Longevity Plan along with other HPD employees. Qualifications for Chief will now require three of more years of service as a Sergeant or higher. The previous requirement was three or more years as a Lieutenant or higher.

First Reading was given to a bill creating three new positions in the Street Department. The Lead Maintenance Worker positions will see three employees promoted who will assume direct responsibility over certain areas of street service. Pay for the new position will increase from Grade 6 to Grade 10. The overall number of employees does not change, as three Maintenance Worker positions will be eliminated.

A bill amending the Floodplain Ordinance also received a First Reading. It would adopt a new flood insurance table that comes out in July. The bill also corrects two omissions in the current ordinance noted in an evaluation by the State Emergency Management Agency.

The council went into closed session after the regular session, despite objections of Councilman Kevin Lionberger. Lionberger requested the closed session be postponed due to the absence of council members Knickerbocker, Dobson, and Locke. His request was overruled. Councilman Van Hoose was among those who spoke in favor of the closed session, stating that a personnel matter needed immediate attention.

One of the citizens in attendance Tuesday evening was John Paul Tomko. Tomko is a candidate for Fourth Ward Councilman. He is running against incumbent Jim Van Hoose. The municipal election will be held April 5.  It will also decide the race for Hannibal's next mayor.  Former councilman Lou Barta and current 5th Ward councilman Jim Hark are the two candidates for that position.  Current Mayor Roy Hark is not seeking reelection.  Jim Hark is Roy Hark's son.