There is a proposed bill in the Missouri legislature that would help save Missourians huge money at the gas pump, but there is pushback from MODOT, should Missouri pass a bill pausing the gas tax?

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According to an article on Missourians could see some major relief at the gas pumps IF a bill called House Bill 2801 is able to pass. The bill takes direct aim at the gas tax in Missouri, as gas prices skyrocket across the country and inflation is at record highs, working families need financial relief and this bill is designed to do so. In the article they say...

"House Bill 2801, introduced by Rep. Adam Schwadron (R-106), aims to stop the collection of the motor fuel tax from July 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022. If passed, it would result in a loss of $453 million in state revenue."

The article goes on to say that this bill would effectively end the refunds payments that the state is offering to combat the current gas prices, to read the complete article for yourself just click here!

It seems like an absolute no-brainer that everyone would vote for until you hit the end of the quote above about home much money the state would lose from the passing of this bill. I would argue back to those people that the state protecting the individuals and eating the cost of passing this bill will overall balance out in other ways. People will drive more if prices go down, they will shop more, and eat out more, all things that will help the economy of the state.

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