(PALMYRA)—Palmyra’s Christmas crawl wraps up tonight  with several events at the Marion County Courthouse in Palmyra. Ginny Kuntemeyer of the Palmyra Chamber of Commrerce says there will be plenty of entertainment.

There will be several of our church choirs from Palmyra. They will be singing Christmas carols... every fifteen or twenty minutes or so the choirs will change, and it will be a different church.

Several wreaths and gift baskets will be auctioned off through the course of the evening. Refreshments will also be available.

Those attending will also have an opportunity to win a number of prizes, including $500.

Pick up a card from one of the participating businesses, and those are listed on the website, and there's fourteen businesses on the card. You have to visit ten of those fourteen businesses and get a stamp on the appropriate box.


You take your card to the courthouse between 5:30 and 7:30 this evening, and get it verified. Then put it in the big gift box to be drawn. And then throughout the evening, starting sometime probably after 7:30, we will have three drawings: One for $200, one for $300 and then the final drawing will be for $500.

Ginny Kuntemeyer:

The Christmas Crawl started on Friday but you can still get in on the fun:

Then bring your card to the courthouse tonight: