The Hannibal Arts Council has unveiled the poster for the upcoming Autumn Historic Folklife Festival. Artwork for this year's poster - a painting of the Arts Council's apple cider booth - was provided by Hannibal artist Bill Krehmeier, who taught for 19 years at Hannibal Middle School, followed by two years at Holy Family. Krehmeier has also taught at HLG. 

Krehmeier says that the painting chosen for this year's poster is "one of a series I did on the Folklife Festival. I did one of the quilt booth, I did the blacksmith, the kettle corn and also a smaller one of the corner by Puddin' Heads." Out of the series, Krehmeier believes the painting chosen for this year's poster is the perfect fit. "To me, the apple cider is the quintessential symbol of the Folklife Festival."

Michael Gaines, Executive Director of the Hannibal Arts Council, says that the organization is thrilled to feature this image on its official Folklife Festival poster. "When we saw Mr. Krehmeier’s piece featuring the Hannibal Arts Coucil’s cider booth at the Folklife Festival…we knew we would use it someday in the festival promotion!"

According to Gaines, Krehmeier is the second local artist whose painting has been featured on Folklife Festival posters.  “A couple of years ago our program committee decided that it would be nice to feature a local artist’s work in the festival’s promotional images, including the poster. Graphic artists, including Sarah McUmber-House and designers at C.L. Downey, played an important role in the creation of commemorative posters over the years.  They brought images of Folklife to life as well, using the tools of their trade.  Our latest initiative is to feature original works of Folklife-related art by local artists.  We started the initiative with Brenda Beck Fisher’s ‘The Smithy’ and used that image for two years. When we were determining the image for the next two years all we had to do was look at the print of Mr. Krehmeier’s piece hanging on our own wall to make a decision. It was perfect! “

The Hannibal Arts Council will be selling a limited number of signed prints of Krehmeier’s 'Folklife Festival Cider Booth,' along with a limited number of signed and numbered posters. "Mr. Krehmeier has agreed to let all profits from these sales go to the Hannibal Arts Council," said Gaines. "We appreciate his generosity!"

The 2013 Autumn Historic Folklife Festival is scheduled to take place in downtown Hannibal October 19 - 20.

Kurt Parsons