It was one of their most famous investigations a decade ago. Now, the original Ghost Hunters have returned to the likely very haunted Missouri State Penitentiary and they brought some famous TV guests with them.

I originally found this shared on Yahoo. The original Ghost Hunters team of Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves took Access Hollywood along on an investigation of the old Missouri State Penitentiary. They found several weird things happening which is not unusual for one of the most notoriously haunted buildings in America.

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Two moments in particular led the team to believe that humans weren't the only entities present here. One was this thermal image showing a shadowy figure.

Access via YouTube

They also saw a grid of objects hanging in mid-air independent of their own optical observation system.

Access via YouTube

You might remember that the Ghost Hunters investigated this old prison back in 2011 in one of their most infamous episodes. The show was called "The Bloodiest 47 Acres" and it's considered one of the most interesting ghost investigations in TV history.

As for this new investigation, it debuted on Discovery Plus on October 31 and should still be easy to find there now if you're a subscriber.

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