Inherently if you say you found the Best Dive bar in a certain city or state then you probably haven't because a truly great dive bar should be impossible for major websites to find. But that didn't stop this one site from claiming they found the best dive bar in the Land of Lincoln, and from the looks of it...they may be right.

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According to the travel website called, the best dive bar here in Illinois is a place called Simon's Tavern in Chicago, Simon's Tavern is located in the Anderson Park neighborhood of Chicago at 5210 N. Clark St. and it looks like a perfect Chicago dive bar but is it the best? Well, on the site they say...

"Order mulled wine and find a deep seat on the mini couch next to a faux fireplace and Viking objects at this long-standing neighborhood gem in Chicago’s Andersonville community. Simon’s Tavern has plenty of beers on tap to choose from and should you want to make friends, sit at the bar where likely someone will say hello."

If you want to see pictures of Simon's Tavern or learn more about the tavern check out their Facebook page by clicking here!

I lived in Chicago for 5 years and I have never heard of or been to Simon's Tavern, and in my opinion, that is a good sign pointing towards it being a great dive bar. Dive bars should really only be known to the locals in the neighborhoods that frequent the bar, also dive bars don't do fancy things, and from the looks of it, Simon's Tavern avoids fancy quite well, if you are a dive bar person this place looks to me to be worth checking out on your next trip to the Windy City.

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