Trip Advisor has released the top 10 best mini golf courses in Illinois and there's a Quincy course that made the list!

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When looking for a family night out mini golf is always on my family's short list of fun things to go do. Well, we are lucky to have one of the best courses in the entire state. Scotties Fun Spot was rated number 2 in the entire state. We love going to Scotties its a fun crouse to play at, and you can then go inside and do skating or go-karting.

Finishing out the list includes Pekin Park District, Par-King Skill Golf (this one has clowns so I'm out at this course), Kristof's Entertainment Center, City Mini Golf, Overlook Adventure Park, ROC Ice Cream and Golf, Kartville, Old Orchard Lanes & Links, and Lil General Mini Golf.

There are so many different mini golf places to go, but if you ever find yourself in Soth Carolina you will want to stop by The Hawaiian Rumble. It's considered one of the hardest mini golf courses in America. It might have to do with being right down the road from the annual Master Tournament that happens each year.

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