Grab the kids and pack the car it's time to go on a road trip to the very best vacation spots in the Midwest.

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Good House Keeping just released a list of the top places to go in each state for vacation. So, make sure you have plenty of snacks these places are not far, but you will need a few snacks to get you to your destination. First up, Missouri. The website named City Museum in St. Louis as a favorite spot for family and I couldn't agree more. My family and I love City Museum and you can stay there for hours climbing, sliding, and crawling it really is a fun family place to go and explore and spend the day at. There really is no inch of the museum that you can't explore, even the roof has a giant slide and Ferris Wheel.

In Illinois the Skydeck in Chicago was named a must stop, that's if you have the courage to step into the Skydeck. Located in Willis Tower, the Skydeck gives visitors the chance to look down at the streets of Chicago instead of looking up. The glass box on the Skydeck lets you see  1,353 feet below. I am so afraid of heights I am not sure if I could do this, but I would try.

Other fun vacation spots to bring the family include:

Happy road tripping everyone!!!

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