"On The Mark" is now live on Apple Podcast!

I started "On The Mark" just over a year ago in early August 2019, when the show started it was a simple half hour long show that gave me an outlet to rant and give you insight about whatever sports topics I wanted. Since the start of 2020 "On The Mark" has grown into a full hour long sports show sponsored by the amazing people at Kunes Country Honda & Hyundai in Quincy, and is over 50 episodes in.

Sadly a lot of the early episodes are lost forever, but that will be a problem no more! "On The Mark" is fully live and downloadable on Apple Podcasts now, and live on the KHMO website. So while I encourage you to always tune into "On The Mark" live Saturday mornings at 9:05 am on 1070 KHMO-AM or the KHMO App, you can now catch up on the show whenever on Apple Podcast or the KHMO website.

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"On The Mark" is the show to listen to if you want a different perspective on National Sports stories, I am always trying to shed light on whats between the lines in sports not just box scores, and stat lines. With the 2020 NFL season just about to get underway while we have NBA and MLB going on, now is the perfect time to start listening! And if you ever want to talk sports with me or have thoughts on my sports opinions lets chat, follow me on Twitter @MarkHespen.

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