I've never claimed to be sophisticated which is probably why I'm more than a little surprised at the top 10 baby names for Missouri that was just released. Many of the most popular are based in literature although there's one that has a definite tie to the Wild West.

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I will give credit to Stacker for using some real science in compiling the top baby names for boys in Missouri for this year. They went straight to the Social Security Administration to find out what Missourians were naming their boy kids over the past 12 months. They would know, right?

Here's the top 10 Missouri boy names in reverse order (because who doesn't like suspense?):

10. Wyatt

9. James

8. Benjamin

7. Theodore

6. Elijah

5. Noah

4. Henry

3. William

2. Liam

1. Oliver

Considering my last name is Holliday, probably no surprise that I'm a big fan of the name Wyatt. One of my sons is named Eli so also fond of that one. As for the rest, they're fine. I have to admit that I don't know many dudes named Oliver or Theodore, but I don't get outside much either.

Stacker shared the top 50 so you can check out their complete list for more baby naming fun. Oh, and make sure you also check out the list of banned baby names in the US that we recently shared. It's a fun no-no list.

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