A Hannibal resident brought his concerns about a proposed rehab center to city council chambers Tuesday.

David Grubb of 417 North 6th Street is opposed to a plan to establish a residential treatment center at the Embassy Christian Church. Grubb expressed concerns about ex-addicts being housed in his neighborhood.

Embassy Pastor Kevin Williams also spoke to the council. He says the church is interested in working with people who have had substance abuse issues and need help transitioning back into civilian life. Williams says the church is aware of several ladies who have gone through treatment, but have lost their kids and their home. He said the choices they face are having some stability in a residential setting such as the church, or going back to the environment they came from. Williams says the program, which is just a concept at this point, would have strict accountability standards and would only take people who are highly motivated to change.

The council decided to set-up a meeting with church leaders, neighbors, and city officials to further discuss the issues.

In other business:

  • The Budget Bill for the new fiscal year received a Second and Final Reading. An amended Payroll Bill was also approved with one exception: the new Public Works Superintendent position. Council member Melissa Cogdal requested more time to evaluate the job description, which will not be available until the next meeting in July. The Street Department Superintendent title is changing to Public Works Superintendent with more responsibility and a higher pay grade.
  • An amendment approving the Minnow Creek Subdivision off Jimmy O’Donnell Road also received a Second and Final Reading. Ball Investment Group plans to develop a 53-lot subdivision.
  • A Resolution is approved authorizing a promissory note between the city and the Board of Public Works for the amount of $200,000 to finance a portion of the Shinn Lane Roundabout. Finance Director Karen Burditt says the city has already paid $500,000 toward the roundabout project.
  • Burditt also received approval to transfer funds to clear up some outstanding due/to and due/from transactions that were unresolved from prior years.  Burditt says taking care of these accounting issues will make for a smoother 2018 audit.
  • Parks and Rec Director Andy Dorian received approval to spend $3500 in design engineering fees for a Veterans Memorial to be built in one of Hannibal’s Parks (still to be decided). The memorial will center around a bell originally from the USS Hannibal. The bell is currently in Kiwanis Park. Dorian says Klingner and Associates will provide the design engineering and bid specs, and then donate $3500 back to the memorial project. Unless unforeseen complications arise, the net cost to the city should be zero.
  • Dorian also showed one of the refurbished plaques from the WWI and WWII Memorial. He told the council the structure will be repainted soon and then an unveiling ceremony will be held in Central Park. Funding for refurbishing came entirely from donations.
  • Lois Snider received council approval (pending Planning and Zoning approval) to purchase a portion of city property adjacent to Snider’s property on Lake Apollo Drive.
  • .A Public Hearing is scheduled July 3 at 6:45 p.m. in council chambers to discuss a request to rezone a tract of land at 4500 Paris Gravel from Industrial to Multiple Family. Public Works Management Assistant Edie Price told the council Gregg Sims seeks to locate a residential care facility in the old Army recruiting building.
  • .An ordinance reaffirming procedures to disclose potential conflicts of interest involving certain city officials and employees was given a First Reading

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