Many parts of the tri-state area suffered terrible storm damage from the system that went through our area Friday night. New video shows how bad the wind damage really was in and around Perry, Missouri.

I have many friends in Ralls County, Missouri who have started to share pictures and video of just how bad Friday's storm was. This new video was captured driving around Perry.

According to the NWS, the Friday storm that ravaged Perry was caused by straight line wind damage. Hard to believe this kind of catastrophic tree damage did not involve a tornado.

The Blackjack Marina area was also damaged according to new drone video that's just been shared.

Ralls County Sheriff Brad Stinson has been sharing information for those that need assistance for storm cleanup.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with all of those who suffered damage from this weekend's storms. Be sure to follow the National Weather Service out of St. Louis for more updates as they survey storm damage and update statistics about this storm and what caused it.

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