This election year certain voters will be able to cast a ballot on whether or not they want their county to LEAVE Illinois and create a "New Illinois" Here are the details you need to know...

According to The Telegraph, Jeresey County residents will be able to vote this November as to whether or not they want to join other downstate communities and leave Illinois for a "New Illinois" The article goes on to mention that supporters of leaving Illinois for a New Illinois would follow the Constitution that let West Virginia separate from Virginia.

In the article, they say "The idea is to put Chicago and urban counties in one state and carve a new state from downstate Illinois counties....Jersey County is certainly not alone. NBC Chicago said 27 Illinois counties have approved referendums to explore seceding or separating from the state." The article does make mention of the fact that the  Illinois Attorney General has already commented on this proposal saying that a county cannot simply succeed from the state. To read more about the plans for a "New Illinois" click here!

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Not in a Million Years...

It's not going to happen. I appreciate the citizens and lawmakers trying everything in their power to show the overlords in Chicagoland that they disagree with how they are running the state but this is just for show, nothing will ever come of it. The Federal government will step in and not allow this to happen, the country doesn't want to have to add a star to the flag and open up Pandora's box of other counties and states trying to break away and do their own thing. Also, YES the politics are annoying, BUT Chicago is a really important part of the Land of Lincoln, and aren't we supposed to love our neighbors not forcibly move them away?

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