Think of the ramifications for Farmville. New technology being introduced by researches at AFD University is expected to revolutionize the internet, by allowing users to actually smell a variety of scents at the click of a button. Click-and-Sniff is described as sort a of digital version of scratch-and-sniff cards.

"The technology is actually very simple," said Dr. Astorius Flanders, lead researcher on the project. According to Flanders, Click-and-Sniff actually uses sound waves to carry the scents. "We had never thought to use sound in this way. Once we realized it was possible, delivering the simulated scents across the internet turned out to be a fairly easy process."

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So easy, in fact, that Dr. Flanders says that the overwhelming majority of internet users will not need to do anything to receive the new technology. There is no software to download, and no special hardware is required. "All of the adjustments will be done behind-the-scenes with the various sites interested in providing scents. Internet users will simply use their speakers to receive the simulations. Almost every modern computer and mobile device already comes equipped with everything a user would need."

At this time, only a few simple scents - Orange, Grape and Bubble Gum - have been developed to demonstrate Click-and-Sniff, but more are being tested. Dr. Flanders is hopeful that at least as many as two to three dozen could be operational by the end of the year.

Test out the new Click-and-Sniff technology by clicking the buttons below.

Click-and-Sniff Orange
Click-and-Sniff Grape
Click-and-Sniff Bubble Gum