St. Louis, Missouri's native son Jayson Tatum is the best basketball player on the best team in the NBA the Boston Celtics. But can he become the BEST basketball player on the Planet...?

Below is my full breakdown of Jayson Tatum's chances of becoming the best basketball player on the planet, watch the video!

The biggest point I make in the video is that Tatum has a chance...He has three of the 4 biggest legacy moments in front of him over the next 3 months. Tatum has a chance to win his first ring and avoid becoming a ringless star like Carmelo, Charles Barkley, and Chris Paul. In winning a championship he has a chance to out-duel his biggest contemporary rival in Luka Doncic, if Tatum wins a title and out-duels Luka to win finals MVP that will be a HUGE addition to Tatum's resume. And finally, after winning a title, and finals MVP, Tatum has a chance to lead LeBron, Steph, KD, and the rest of team USA to an Olympic Gold Medal, he could very easily be the best player on a team full of superstars.

If Tatum accomplishes all three of those tasks his legacy skyrockets and I would consider him one of the 4 best players on the planet with Jokic, Giannis, and Luka.

However...IF Tatum loses the finals, gets out-dueled by Luka, and doesn't even start for Team USA, then there is no reason to talk about Tatum being a top 3 player in the World. He is still a top 10 player, and that's nothing to scoff at but to become a top 3 player he needs to ball out and win. A lot of pressure for a kid from the Show-Me State...

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