BUT...There's a catch...A small town in Illinois is looking for some very specific people to move there and will pay you to do so. Which town is it, and do you fit the type of person they are looking for? Here are the details...

According to The State Journal-Register, Jacksonville, Illinois is willing to pay almost $10,000 for you to move to the small town just west of Springfield, but there is a catch. You can't just be someone who lives in the town over and moves there for the money, they are looking for specific individuals.

Who are they looking for? According to the article, they are looking for "requirements for the move is earning at least $50,000 a year or more and living 70 miles currently outside of the Jacksonville Region, before applying." The article goes on to mention that you then must live in the area for a year to receive the benefits. To read more, click here!

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Does this make sense?

I LOVE this plan for a small town like Jacksonville! You are trying to bring people into your local economy that will inject life into the economy. Remote workers who are making good money, good enough to instantly buy property, rent property, support local charities, and support local businesses. One of the hardest battles for small towns to face in attracting new people is "What kind of jobs do you have there?" Well, with online careers and being able to work from home that doesn't matter as much anymore. Inflation is high but $60,000 living in Chicago, the Suburbs, or another big city in the US, doesn't go nearly as far as it would living in Jacksonville.

I hate that small towns are so battered and bruised by the bad politics and leadership in Illinois that they have to use tactics like this to attract people, but if they want to survive it may be what they have to do, because waiting and hoping the leaders of Illinois start cutting taxes and making the state a cheaper state to live in, ain't happening anytime soon.

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