If you're up for a true adventure, you can do something in Missouri that few people in the world can do. You can take a day trip from the Show Me State to the absolutely most guarded location anywhere.

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Before I reveal it, what would you guess is the most guarded location in the world? Without looking at a recent ranking, I would have thought about the White House or the Smithsonian. They're on the list, too, but neither is number one and you can't day trip to them from Missouri either.

What is the most guarded location in the entire world?

According to the financial website Money Wise, it's none other than Fort Knox in Kentucky. I did some travel math and you can get to Fort Knox in Kentucky from St. Louis, Missouri in only 4 1/2 hours.

How much gold is in Fort Knox?

The article from Money Wise estimates "Fort Knox (aka the United States Bullion Depository) guards 147.3 million ounces of gold".

Don't expect to just waltz in the front door of Fort Knox, by the way. You can apply for a 5-day pass, but the rules are strict. Don't get me wrong. Fort Knox is a family-friendly place you can visit, but expect Real ID requirements at the least.

This is one of the benefits of living in the middle of America. You're within just a few hours of some really amazing experiences including seeing the most guarded place in the world. Awesome.

Take A Forbidden Look Inside Frozen Fort Knox

Fort Knox is closed for the season. While winter visitors can roam the grounds, the interior of the fort is closed off from the general public. If you browse through the photos below, you'll see why the fort is strictly off-limits until spring. That being said, we were given permission to enter the fort to create this gallery.

Again, the fort is closed from November through April. Do not attempt to enter the interior of Fort Knox. Entering the fort during the closed months is trespassing, and very dangerous.

Gallery Credit: Paul Wolfe

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