Scams are something that know no season, but the holiday season is an especially busy time for con artists looking for money or personal information.

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In a Facebook post Tuesday, Monroe County Sheriff Joe Colston warned of a couple of telephone scams working their way through Monroe County.

One resident reported getting call from a number ID’d as a local number coming from the Paris Police Department.

The first red flag is the fact that the Sheriff’s department provides local police services for the city of Paris.

The “officer” on the call tells the caller there is a warrant in the caller’s name, and will ask for money to clear up the warrant.

Sheriff Colston says his office will never call a citizen asking for money to clear up a warrant.

A second recently reported scam was a call supposedly from Amazon. This scam varies but the goal is to get your personal information, either during the phone call or, as happened in one case, the scammer was given access to a home computer.

Colston advises you to be cautious when anyone phones you asking for personal information.

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