The renewal of a couple of traditional sports rivalries, one local, one regional, highlight the sports calendar this weekend.

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Friday night's high school football schedule features the latest installment of the long-time rivalry between two sets of Panthers - Palmyra and Monroe City.

Tonight's episode kicks off at 7 p.m. at Lankford Field in Monroe City, featuring the number two team in the Class 1 state rankings versus a squad bouncing back and is perhaps one win away from cracking the Class 2 rankings. And, it's Homecoming night.

But, over the years, it really hasn't mattered where the two teams are in the rankings. This is one of those rivalries that transcends season records.

Occasionally, the Palmyra-Monroe City games involves nothing but pride. And then, there was my favorite memory of the rivalry. In 1996, Monroe City went to Palmyra to play in the state quarterfinals and came away with a one-point win and going on to win the Class 2 state championship.

The other rivalry being renewed this weekend is the one that is, in my opinion, the best rivalry in Major League Baseball. That, of course, would be the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs.

The four-game at Wrigley Field starts with a split doubleheader Friday, with day games Saturday and Sunday.

I've said it many times over the years, "The only thing better than Cards-Cubs is Cards-Cubs when they're both good."

Unfortunately for Cub fans, this is not one of those years. The Cardinals are apparently on their way to the postseason, while the Cubs are not.

But, again, this is a rivalry where, no matter what the records, especially at Wrigley Field, anything can and does happen.

So, what's your favorite sports rivalry?

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