I don't have many phobias, but a fear of heights is one of them. Thanks to Missouri's deepest lake, I now have a new phobia - fear of depths as this lake plunges 220 feet into the Earth.

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This began purely out of curiosity. Missouri is blessed with an abundance of lakes. Some are natural while many are not. The deepest lake in the state is one that man made and it's deepness is beyond intimidating.

What is Missouri's deepest lake?

As I shared recently, the largest lake isn't Lake of the Ozarks and it's not the deepest one either. Missouri Life says it's Table Rock Lake and it doesn't reach its bottom until you've traveled 220 feet straight down.

The official Table Rock Lake website describes its origins saying:

Table Rock Lake was created by the damming of the White River over 50 years ago.

Not only is Table Rock Lake deep, but it also spans 800 miles of shoreline with a surface area of 43,000 acres. 

Down below those deep waters are caves...

...and even an old bridge.

How deep does it get at Lake of the Ozarks?

Lake Link says Lake of the Ozarks is only 130 feet deep at its deepest point. That's a good reference point for Table Rock Lake which dwarfs its bottom by almost 100 feet.

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