Whether it's a domestic animal or one being taken care of at a zoo losing an animal is always hard.

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The St. Louis Zoo announced that their beloved Anaconda J-Lo has passed away. J-Lo had been with the zoo for 20 years and was rescued from a food market. Look, I am not the biggest fan of snakes, especially those that are giant, but those who took care of J-lo they are heartbroken.

We are heartbroken to announce that the well-known and loved green anaconda J-Lo passed away on Tuesday, August 30. Following a medical exam, she was humanely euthanized due to a severe tumor. J-Lo was likely over 20 years old, and she came to the Zoo in 2010 after she was saved from hunters.

J-Lo was one of the largest anacondas in any Association of Zoos and Aquariums, weighing about 210 pounds and measuring 18 feet long. Do you think she was named J-Lo after Jennifer Lopez's movie Anaconda? I would have to lean towards a big yes.

I remember visiting the zoo and seeing J-Lo. She will be missed not only by her handlers but by the many visitors that came to see her every day.

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