It's not polite to throw rocks at people. That's what one Missouri Bigfoot needs to learn since a fisherman claims that's exactly what the beast just did near the Meramec River.

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This is a very recent Bigfoot encounter that was reported to the National Bigfoot Reporting Center. According to the report, this rude Bigfoot moment happened on July 5, 2022 near the Riverview Access boat ramp next to the Meramec River. He gave the exact GPS location which means it happened here.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Here's the word-for-word testimony of what this Missouri fisherman said happened to him:

I was fishing at the Riverview Access conservation area near Cuba MO off of state rd O. I had been fishing for a couple hours. I was the only one there. The sun had gone down and it was starting to get dark. It was right around 8:30.

I witnessed a large rock come from the tree line on the opposite bank and land in the water. It made a big splash. The rock itself was quite large and flew through the air every bit of 20 feet from the point where I first saw it.

I am 6’3 350 lbs. a strong guy. But I could not throw a rock that large anywhere near that far.

I never saw whatever or whoever threw it. All I know is that something caused that rock to fly through the air. I instantly was confused and fascinated. I stood there for a minute thinking I would be able to see something move in the trees. I didn’t and thought it was a good idea to leave.

If you're laughing at the idea that this guy had Bigfoot throw a boulder at him, he's not alone. The Animal Planet series Finding Bigfoot also had one of these creatures allegedly hurl a large object at them.

What do you think? Did this big Missouri guy really have a Bigfoot throw a rock at him? Only he and the trees near the Meramec River know the truth.

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