When you live in the rural areas of Missouri and have livestock, you know dealing with predators is a reality. That became even more real for a Missouri farmer recently who shared video of a bobcat who made off with one of his chickens.

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Bobcats aren't as uncommon as many think. Just a few weeks ago, a driver shared video of one of these cats lying in the middle of a roadway.

For understandable reasons, the farmer did not provide his exact location. He only says this happened in Missouri. Here's how he described what you'll see:

Our chickens free-range on our property during the day, and while predator attacks are always a possibility when living in a rural setting, we never expected a bobcat to snatch one of our birds in the middle of the day right in front of our RV and only 15 minutes after we had just been walking around out there! A very bold bobcat, indeed! This happened in Missouri on July 28, 2022

You'll see in the video that the bobcat enters the area where the chickens are from the bottom right of the frame. After grabbing one of the birds, he then takes off. This was captured on his Ring security camera.

Fortunately, you don't see anything graphic, but pretty good assumption that this didn't end well for the chicken. As Missouri Department of Conservation mentions, bobcats are active year round and not an uncommon sight especially when you have potential food sources for them like chickens around.

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